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Have a product you want to sell, but it's too hard to explain? Or maybe you already know that including a video on your product page can increase traffic time to your website and increase your chances of conversion . Product videos are a great way to engage your audience and showcase your product's features and benefits. It can often convince buyers to buy. Potential buyers often need a clear, comprehensive explanation, and a good video can solidify that decision.

Product update videos
Product update videos keep your existing customer base informed about the latest product changes and upgrades. Additionally, these videos help educate customers about new features and drive adoption of your product. This is great for naming employee's your audience knows and trusts. 

Because they often occupy prominent positions on company websites, product videos can have long production times with many edits and modifications. Fine-tuning the concept and script, and looping through key stakeholders can often be the longest part of the process.
Product update videos, on the other hand, are more likely to appear in blog posts and on social channels and take less time to create, so the risks are lower. From the time you start writing the scripts to the final integration, you can usually expect your product update video to be 3-4 hours long.

As a general rule, once you are done and ready to upload, your product video should be between 1 and 2 minutes long.

Example video:


Explainer videos are educational videos that teach your audience how to solve a problem. This problem could be related to the use of your product or it could be a more tangible problem. But by the end of the video, your audience should be equipped with the knowledge to act on the new skills learned while watching. All of these factors make explainer videos perfect for expanding your blog content or supporting your support documentation pages. You don't want to force yourself to submit a product FAQ when you can do this with easily searchable videos. With less questions from our support team, you'll find that the explainer video worked great.

Production time
Explainer videos require more planning and therefore more time and effort to create (approximately 20-24 hours on average). But remembering that new customers, repeat customers, and leads who may be looking at your product for the first time all benefit, it's worth the time.

Video duration

Explainer videos are generally 2-5 minutes long, so it's essential that the content is dynamic and engaging important stats.

Again, participation is a key indicator. However, you should also keep in mind which part of the video audience watched the time more than once. Does this mean that this part was particularly confusing for them? You may need to specify that certain sections endorse self-explanatory videos. Teach your customers with these videos, but let the metrics teach you a thing or two.

Example video: Our video for Healthshare (


People influence people. From Yelp reviews to Facebook reviews, honest reviews can change our minds about a product or convince us to make a purchase. This is why customer testimonial videos are so valuable.

This video can clearly show your customers the positive impact of your product on real people. Hearing customers and seeing them in action is much more engaging than reading a paragraph. Ultimately, testimonial videos can become essential in building trust and attracting new customers.

Production time
Putting together a testimonial video can take a day or two, depending on whether or not I have to go to the client to shoot the video. If you have a video team, there are certainly benefits to sending them to your customers. Not only does this make it easier for the customer (after all, they're doing you a favor), it also means the video itself will be consistent with your production style. If travel is inconvenient and the client has their own video crew, having their own testimony filmed is a solid backup plan.

Video duration

When it comes to length, testimonial videos are usually in the 2-5 minute range.

Example video:

Our video for RITEQ


When it comes down to it, creating company culture videos is the most fun (and dare we say, the easiest?). After all, they can be almost anything and everything. And we're not talking about your clichéd corporate videos.

Did you hold a party for your team at lunchtime on Tuesday? Show it in the video! Did your CEO ride a Motorbike? You have no choice but to make a video for it. With this video, your customers are individual employees, and as a collective company, you can see behind the scenes who you really are. A better way to communicate with fans is to get a behind-the-scenes look at what's going on in the office. (Hint: It's always a good idea to mark the office dog)

You can also use these videos for recruiting purposes to show potential employees what your work environment looks like. 

Production time

Corporate culture videos are relatively quick and easy to create, as most of them take 1-2 hours to produce. As long as your audience loves them, you'll never overmake them... Plus, they're a great way to increase engagement on social platforms.


Video duration

Depending on the scope of the content, this duration can be from less than a minute to more than 5 minutes.

Example video: Our video for Sherbet Donkey Media (


Regardless of whether your favorite social network is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or a combination, the videos you host can drive traffic to your website or simply be featured on your profile to increase your brand awareness.

Remember that many viewers scroll quickly on their cell phones and don't have time to watch long content. Short and sweet is the name of the social video game.

Production time

One of the great benefits of social video is that much of the content will already have been created for other purposes, such as event promotions or product updates. All you have to do is publish it (or at most modify it a little earlier). It takes as little as 30 minutes (if it already exists) or up to 2 days (if you create original content) to create this type of video.

Video duration

Videos hosted on social media should have an average length of less than 2 minutes, preferably less. If you can keep your videos under 30 seconds, you are a true social video superstar.

Example video: Our video for Doughnott's (

I hope you find this content helpful, if you haven’t seen more of our work you can see it here.

Make sure you follow our social media so you never miss a beat. Stay tuned for more great content to come out soon. If you need professional video services, then get in touch! 

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