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At Red Crow Video, we believe in the power of great content to back up your claims online. There are many ways to do this, as the digital age has given us endless opportunities to make your business stand out online. What I will focus on today is advertising.


Adverts can be the reason some businesses succeed and others fail. It can be very challenging to find an advertising style that suits your brand's image, with such a huge range of adverts available to reference. A well-executed advertising campaign can catapult your business into success, provided you have done adequate target audience research, developed solid ideas, and have a strong foundation. I’m going to explain why an advertisement by a company could be very beneficial for your business. There are 5 reasons for this.

1. It is important to introduce yourself to new people.

A common problem companies face when trying to promote a business is finding new ways to market their business. You can try paid ads on social media or Google Ads, but if you're going to spend money on marketing, why not go all out? You’re able to condense paragraphs of information about your business into 1-2 minutes with digital adverts, as they’re optimised for social media, websites and YouTube.


To highlight certain sectors of your business, you can create an advert that includes key information you want people to see. A well-produced video will have a much greater impact on a potential new customer than paragraphs of written information. To make the most of your time, consider getting in touch with video professionals, who can optimise your resources.

2. Content that engages your audience

Putting out an ad shouldn't be a one-time thing. Creating an advertisement is a great achievement, and you should be proud that you were able to invest the time and money into creating a piece of content that was designed to be viewed by thousands of people. It's always a good idea to give a great advert a great campaign, especially one with good engagement and interaction.


Before you release the advert, you should draft a schedule for all of the content surrounding the advert. This includes behind-the-scenes pictures, teasers, and bloopers from the planning stages. Having a good marketing plan for a big project like an ad can help you get people excited and interested in your business. Smaller segments of your advert can be used as soundbites, social posts, or even memes. It's a big win if you can make something out of something that already exists.

3. The Potential to go Viral

With all content nowadays being digital, there is always the possibility for something to go viral. Social media like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter all have algorithms that show good, interesting content to their users. If your advert is able to ride the wave all the way up to viral fame, it will put your business in front of thousands of new faces.

If you want to make an ad go viral, you have to make it new, fresh and fun.

4. A good performance indicator.

Company adverts are great for promoting business, but they also give a unique perspective on how the business is performing. If adverts are part of your social strategy, you can compare your first and most recent ads. Take a look at what improvements have been made, what new things have been added, and what you have achieved. It's a great idea to have an archive of past advertisements that you can share with customers. This will not only show your past successes, but will also help to build trust and rapport.


If you have a good selection of online content, including adverts, you are giving your business every chance to be trusted by a stranger who stumbles upon your page. Gauging the feedback from an advert can help you make decisions about marketing strategies and who your target audience is. Customer reviews are a great gauge of how highly your customers think of you, plus they indicate where your business should be heading.

5. Personality and relatability are important.

Your tone of voice can be established by creating an advert. Many brands have images, colors, and designs, but tone of voice is important when you're marketing your business to a lot of people. You have to consider how you come across on social media to the public.


Take us as an example, we've created videos that have literally raised MILLIONS for our clients, just check out the video we produced for Pallite 




We then followed this up with plenty more videos to showcase their products!


There are numerous reasons why an advertising campaign from a company would benefit your business. It can take your marketing strategy to new heights, but only when done correctly. There are many companies whose names are closely associated with excellent advertising, and there's no reason why your company can't be one of them.I hope you found this blog informative and that you will follow us on social media.

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